The Best of Remington Electric shavers

Remington electric shavers are inexpensive, but they are certainly not cheap in terms of quality and performance. A hundred, a thousands of men enjoy and believe in Remington Electric Shavers.

Remington primarily always makes entry level and mid level electric shavers. And , if you don’t mind, you want to looking for a “no frill”  shavers you might well find that Remington has the best deal in the marketplace for that kind of electric razor.

Top Remington Electric Shavers

As mentioned earlier, Remington shavers were, historically, very popular. In the 60’s, they were the first to introduced cordless rechargeable shavers. They also made another breakthrough by incorporating a flexing foil system in the mid 70’s.

Remington shavers are primarily divided into two categories – F series and R series. The F series are foil shavers and the R series are rotary shavers. They don’t have the markets very best electric shavers but they are an excellent choice when your needs are basic.

It’s worth noting that Remington shavers are not design to last 6 – 7 years like the other top brands. But not everyone would like to stick with a shaver that long. Some people are happy paying $30 – $50 for a shaver that will last a year or two, when they are still getting a close and comfortable shave.

Where closeness is concerned, Remington shavers are the best choice if you are looking for entry level ($20 – $50) electric shavers. They usually out-perform shavers from other top brands in this end of the market.

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